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Property Management

Welcome to The business of property development although categorized as high risk is also a lucrative one. Probably as customer needs and wants continuously evolve in reaching for superior and quality products and services. Selling property in these changing economic times can become tricky.


Advanced marketing strategies and forecasts developed by most companies enable them to be able to know exactly the type of customer they are dealing with. They can exactly judge the type of customer and differentiate who their customers are, what they need, and the amount they are willing to pay. Together with this assessment a reasonable pricing of the property can be reached accordingly.


Careful evaluation of offers is best before making a decision on what may appear to be the best offer.


Competition within the real estate industry involves both big and small players and is very real, as property developers who want to maintain or improve their businesses will constantly produce innovative and high standards in properties and services. Don't be pressed into accepting an offer, take time to evaluate. Remember that competitor orientation collects information and investigates competitors, both current and future. Therefore the offer may not be altogether realistic. Value of Property is governed by market rate, and rate of interest in property financing.


In the event the offer does not appeal to you, mention it try to negotiate a revised offer. In these times of global recession, it is usual that a smart buyer will want to strike the best deal leaving you with just the bones.

Carefully consider the pros and cons in every detail before deciding on a price.

Property sales as a business are very profitable in Singapore. Those in the trade should know how to profit which may be governed by numerous factors.


Negotiation is a healthy method for both the buyer and seller to come to an agreeable settlement. Justify your reasons in not accepting the initial offer. There need to be a little leeway in the negotiation making the buyer thinks he is aptly rewarded and a good strategy in closing the property transaction. This type of negotiation is best conducted in person.


You will be able to read from the buyer’s expression and body language and distinguish certain signs in support of your skill at the negotiating table. You may be faced by a “value buyer” who wants good service and a quality product and is prepared to pay extra for the support. The “price buyer” will want the basics at a low price and there’s yet another category of buyer who will want all of the services and the best product at the lowest price. Therefore in your customer segmentation weed out the deal seekers and you have the two types to deal with.


Once you have reached an agreement make sure you have covered every loophole and proceed to legalize the transaction. So Contact Us , You will Save your time and we will do all the work for you .


Buy Sell Rent Invest Singapore Property


Billy Chen 曾庆义


CEA Registration Number : R029372I


Tel: (+65) 88689999

Fax: (+65) 64021826 ( email me )




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